Phillips' wool scores 1PP recognition

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Joely Mitchell@joelyjournalist
15 Feb 2019, 2:30 p.m.
Carol and Allan Phillips, Deddington, Tasmania.

Tasmanian woolgrowers Allan and Carol Phillips, Deddington, were recently awarded the highest quality accolade, 1PP certification, for a bale of wool.

Sold during the Tasmanian feature sale at the Melbourne woolstores this week, the Phillips' bale made 4860 cents a kilogram, almost 3000c/kg above the week's Eastern Market Indicator, the industry benchmark.

The bale was purchased by New England Wool for Reda, a fabric maker that produces traditional Italian suits.

The wool was off two year-old wethers that had been run on the farm's "bush country", which Mr Phillips said had a very low stocking rate and quite a good season.

"The staple was very clean and the tensile strength was excellent," he said.

He said it was an exceptional result and good reward for effort.

"We always try and grow the best possible wool we can, and to have that assessed by the panel of exporters and then awarded 1PP status, is confirmation we are achieving a very good result," he said.

The wool measured 14.3 micron.

He credited having the right genetics and a favourable season to achieving the impressive results.

"And having a low stocking rate, it's meant they've had a constant level of nutrition, so the fibre's grown really evenly," he said.

It was not the first time the woolgrowers had received 1PP status, but it was the first time in recent times.

The Phillips spread out their sales of wool throughout the year but save their best for the Tasmanian feature sale.

They sold 16 bales of wool, and Mr Phillips said he was pleased with how they all sold.

Roberts Tasmania wool manager Stewart Raine, who sold the Phillips' wool, said they were renowned woolgrowers and this accolade was a reflection of their hard work and dedication to producing top quality wool.