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The Australian Superfine Wool Growers’ Association Inc. (ASWGA) is Australia’s peak body representing the Australian superfine wool industry 

ASWGA is an international association of superfine wool growers and processors founded to promote and further the development and marketing of superfine wool.  Superfine wool is the "flagship" of the world's wool industry and leads the industry in the highest standards of wool production, manufacture and promotion.

Founded when many people failed to recognise the importance of superfine wool, the organisation represents in particular the Australian superfine wool growers’ as well as the most famous and prestigious international processors and manufacturers.

ASWGA is recognised as the voice of Australia's superfine wool industry. Through ASWGA, grower members have a voice in their industry, have networking opportunities, are kept informed and up to date with current industry research and trends.

ASWGA undertakes activities to further the interests of all its members, through representation and by linking global stakeholders in the supply chain. ASWGA liaises closely with other peak industry bodies and research institutes to ensure superfine representation and to provide education and advice to the superfine wool industry on superfine raw wool production trends and consumer demand.

ASWGA was founded on the dedication of Australian superfine wool growers and joined by visionary global processors and manufacturers  

The first Super Fine organisation in Australia was founded in Tasmania as the Tasmanian Fine Merino Breeders Association in 1947, to link growers with their overseas customers.  

Upon the success of this organisation, and in the 1960s and early 1970s, ASWGA emerged under the leadership of Arthur Beggs, of Buln Gherin, Beaufort, Victoria, a prominent superfine grower and Board Member of the Australian Wool Board who realised the need for action, given the precarious prospects for the specialty Australian Superfine Merino Wool fibre.

The common ideals of the early organisation, which are still held high today, were:

(i)    The need for an organisation to represent the special qualities of superfine wool;
(ii)   To provide close collaboration with special customers of superfine wool; and
(iii)  To keep the costs of the organisation to a minimum.

Thus, ASWGA emerged as a national organisation with superfine woolgrower members in all Australian states, committed to producing a product of supreme quality. The organisation is unique in that it represents a collaboration of membership of growers and their special global processor and manufacturing members, , while providing a direct link between superfine growers and their customers, and the opportunity to create transparency throughout the supply chain. 

ASWGA governance is comprised of a Council, made up of honorary regional representatives, and  an honorary Executive, who  oversee the implementation of the Council’s policies and decisions.  Administrative support is provided by a Secretariat located in Melbourne, Victoria. ASWGA has recognised as life members, people who have supported the organisation and the superfine Merino industry with significant contributions.