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ASWGA is at the forefront of key industry and market trends due to its extensive connections. ASWGA actively represents its grower members credentials. Our services include:

Recognized Quality Assurance

ASWGA members who use the ASWGA Ramshead registered trade mark on their clip are recognized for quality and excellence in superfine Merino wool production and in wool preparation providing buyers access to the ‘Best of Clip’ supply chain assurance.

The ASWGA member’s trade mark is an indication of excellence in best practice superfine wool production and preparation. ASWGA Ramshead™ used by members is a widely recognised endorsement of qualitythat highlights the reliability of wool grown from consistent genetics that have been perfected over generations and produced in paddocks free from all exotic sheep breeds and their contamination.

The trade mark is used by grower members on bales and for marketing activities such as in sale catalogues. The trademark is also used by mill and manufacturing members on their cloth selvage, apparel garments and in their marketing activities.

There is ASWGA wool clip traceability through the wool station brand that includes the Ramshead™ and our growers’ unique ASWGA membership number. Becoming a member of ASWGA is a mark of uncompromising quality in wool preparation. ASWGA growers who have consented to release their test results, have this information provided to buyers in advance of upcoming sales and other marketing opportunities. 

Trade Visits, Market and Product Development

To connect growers with industry ASWGA liaises with processor members in England, Scotland, Japan, Italy, China, Turkey, Egypt and Australia and consults with key retailers and bespoke tailors in Europe and Asia. Each year the President or a council representative visits overseas mill members and other appropriate entities, and then reports findings to grower members. An ASWGA representative also attends the IWTO conference each year and reports back on international trends and news.

The ASWGA  ‘aspiration of excellence’ continues to preserve the well-deserved quality image of Australia’s superfine Merino wool as an internationally renowned premium product. ASWGA shares this ‘aspiration of excellence with our mill members across Asia, UK, Europe and Australia that include the most prestigious mills producing the finest fabrics and yarns in the world from noble fibres. Such mills include Toyobo, Toa Boshoku, Daidoh, Itochu, Miyuki, Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Agnona, GoldenTex, Bendigo Woollen Mill and Altinyildiz, with other possible members in discussion.


Co-Branding Opportunities

Speak to us about co-branding with our grower members and obtain direct traceability opportunities with some of the most sustainable and picturesque farms in the southern hemisphere.


ASWGA facilitates regular two-way communication between growers and their customers. Each year the President or a council representative visits our customers who give advice and feedback to ASWGA allowing growers to adapt where necessary and meet market needs.

Grower members are kept informed by ASWGA through regular meetings being held in each region, regular email updates, council newsletters that are sent to all members after each council meeting and an annual magazine that is also distributed to all members.

This ASWGA website is updated with news, regional activities and connections. Refer to the News + Events page.


Grower members belong to one of eight ASWGA regions and are represented at National Council by a delegate from that region. Through this process consultation happens within and across key grower regions. The ASWGA regions are New England, Mudgee, Goulburn/Yass, Albury, Ararat/Barunah, Hamilton, Tasmania and Western Australia. ASWGA also consults with grower members in other areas such as South Australia and southern Queensland. Please see the contact page for contact details.



Lobbying Government

ASWGA is strictly non-partisan but will represent the best interests of the industry and lobby where appropriate on behalf of members on market access and environmental, animal welfare and trade issues.

Market/production reports

ASWGA conducts surveys of members’ production intentions and requirements for future operations. This information provides valuable advice to industry on trends, thus helping industry decision making. Comprehensive current market and production reports are also sent to ASWGA mill members.

Education & Seminars

Held in conjunction with the ASWGA Annual Fleece Competition, ASWGA’s annual seminar provides a unique wool-grower opportunity to network and stay up to date with industry developments and opportunities.    

In addition, ASWGA regions may hold regional information days or training sessions for members and guests.

ASWGA also facilitate courses for superfine wool classers and wool handlers and instigated the specialist superfine segment in the AWEX’s Woolclassers Code of Practice.

Working with industry bodies

ASWGA represents the interests of members, and superfine wool growers in general, to industry bodies, particularly:

Australian Wool Innovation Ltd (AWI),
Australian Wool Testing Authority (AWTA),
Australian Wool Exchange Ltd (AWEX),
International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO)
Federation of Australian Wool Organisations (FAWO).
The Sheep Cooperative Research Centre, and
Australian Wool Producers Animal Health & Welfare Committee.

Read about which industry bodies ASWGA works with here.

Annual Fleece Competitions

ASWGA facilitates fine wool competitions for growers regionally and nationally providing members with the opportunity to benchmark against other growers with resulting quality improvements.  Detailed information on industry competitions can be found here.